How to Renew Your Brainpower

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  1. You're working super-duper-rifically hard.
  2. You go to "relax", where you start thinking about more work.
  3. When you come back, your brain becomes discombobulated.

You end up sucking.


When you're thinking about work on your break, you force yourself to run a never-ending marathon.

Instead of refilling your brainpower capacity, you deplete that brainpower until you're running on S.U.C.K. fuel.


Instead, refill your brainpower fuel reserves to optimize your efficiency.

Here's how.

Refresh Your Brain/Mind/Body/Spirit

When you're on your break, do this:

  • Get amnesia.

That is:

  1. Try to empty your brain.
  2. Try to go brain dead.
  3. "I don't remember anything! OH NOES!!!111one"

Go completely blank for as long as you can.

Meditate for the first two minutes if you need that.


What happens?

Freshness Happens.

Completely/totally/100% refreshing yourself from your work gets you fabulously stronger for that next session.

  1. You regenerate your brainpower to full capacity.
  2. You optimize yourself to another session of I-will-kick-this-work's-@#$-like-it-stole-my-mama.
  3. You're able to rock fuller and longer and awesome-er.

It's like you're a mid-engined Formula 1 car:

  1. You just raced several laps of a Grand Prix, averaging 997687965908709865 miles per hour.
  2. Now, you're heading to the pits.
  3. You completely stop/refresh/get-filling/water/love/life.
  4. You refresh yourself to dominate several more laps.

Win for you.

  1. Get amnesia.
  2. Rock more work.

Go brain bye.

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Posted on May 12

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