Unique Selling Proposition

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Here is a startling fact: you can have the greatest unique selling proposition, but it won't guarantee you any success. The problem with USPs is that it focuses on eliciting feedback from your customers' left brain -- their analytical side. According to Harvard Professor Gerald Zaltman however, people make their buying decisions based on 95% of their unconscious mind. So if you've spent thousands on developing a unique USP, you'll only be able to influence 5% of a person's mind. Those aren't the greatest odds to build your business. It seems that the basis for good marketing according to entrepreneur gurus is to find where you can be unique. The theory goes that if you can differentiate yourself from your competitors, you'll be the crown jewel of your industry. Too bad this didn't happen to many companies clinging onto their unique selling proposition -- and trying to influence a measly 5%. The companies that are mega successes today did not have a USP when they started. Instead, they opted to build great fundamentals into their companies -- attracting customers' unconscious minds of providing tremendous value. Such is the case for Wal-Mart. Sam Walton focused on the fundamentals of building a great business. He focused on good customer service. He focused on building an innovative company. He focused on providing well for his employees. By simply concentrating on building a business with great fundamentals -- thus providing value in the customers' eyes, Walton succeeded in jumpstarting the biggest and one of the most successful businesses in the world. To attract customers, understand first how they think. You'll be much more successful doing that than wasting your days finding a unique ability.

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Posted on February 18

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