The Quickest Way to Get Rich

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[First, %$&@ all get-rich-quick schemes. Any "program" that guarantees you greater than Warren-Buffett-type returns (i.e., 20% annual return on your $) is a fraud and should be slapped.]

This article is meant for those who actually believe hard work and providing value to your customers mean something.


The costs of trying to profit

Companies spend billions trying to profit.

  • Silicon Valley companies invest heavily into R&D trying trying to profit.
  • Pharmeceutical companies invest billions hoping to find the next breakthrough drug.
  • Wall Street firms hire $400k high-frequency programmers hoping to profit.

There's a good chance that they won't profit; and, if they don't? Millions/Billions $ lost.

Yet, what if you could make profits without spending anything aside from your time?



The Quickest Way to Get Rich


  • Pitch your services to SOMEBODY.

Pitching takes $0, can potentially earn you $1k, 10k, 100k or however much $ you'll profit from the products/services you pitch, and you can start immediately.

Taylor Swift + The Asks

How did Taylor Swift break into the music industry and make her millions?

  1. She walked into a record company.
  2. She pitched herself: "I'm going to be your next superstar!"
  3. A bunch said no, but one did say yes.

Costs aside from gas: $0


Millions, bizattchies.

  • Colonel Sanders pitched to thousands.
  • Google founders pitched to everyone in the Valley.
  • Sam Walton pitched to everyone in town.

The costs of pitching?

  • If they say no: you LOLOLOLose time and ego = minimal costs.
  • If they say yes: The Big Time.

It's as if you're freely pulling down on that lever of a slot machine to try for fat BUCKS, while you spend basically nothing.


"I can't provide anything of value!"

You might think so, but YOU can provide something of value.


Take something anyone can do:

  1. Ask for the CEO at some office.
  2. Pitch: "I will clean your entire office every month for $500. Pay only when you're 100% satisfied."

Then, go to 10 more offices. Then 100.

Then 1000. etc.

Sure, most will say no, but you'll find that a certain percentage will say YES.

And the others who say no? You've built a presence; they'll have you in mind for the future, and even refer you to other peeps.


Your chances of making $[dream-money-here] obliterates playing the lottery, working at your 9-5, doing some joke ML(OLOLOL)M, with every person you pitch.


Stuck for ideas?

Adapt the above 'pitch model' to anything:

  • I will box and ship your supplies every week for $X.
  • I will keep your computers running smoothly every week for $X.
  • I will make fruit deserts to stock your store every week for $X.

(Use your imagination. Be creative.)

Then, gradually make your pitches to more prospects, and more prospects, and MORE prospects.

Adapt your pitches to suit other goals:

  • 'Would teaching me the ropes to starting X interest you?'
  • 'Would you allow me to audition for your team?'
  • 'Would X, which my team just developed, interest your readers?'
  • 'Would you like a free demo of X for your company?"
  • etc.

Try pitching:

  • CEOs
  • Senior Execs
  • Journalists
  • Investors
  • Famous people
  • Fred Flinstone
  • Famous bloggers
  • etc.

Gradually, with every client you convert through your pitches, you start building and growing a team that - BABABADABING - becomes your business.


The more pitches you do, the more you increase your returns.

It's freeeeeeeeeee! You can do it immediately! And it can get you BIG returns! Hooray!

Pitch. Pitch. Pitch.

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Posted on November 18

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