How to Delegate Easily

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  1. Delegate one thing.
  2. Immediately, delegating more things becomes easier.

You start freeing up more time.

You start getting more things done.


Take Beebop Bebobebop

Beebop Bebobebop has many tasks on his plate.

He has to do X, Y, Z, then help out with 900854932864930 more tasks that his company needs.

So, one-by-one:

  1. Beebop starts completing the first task.
  2. Then the second task.
  3. Then the third task.

But then, he gets burnt out, waits a while -- and later continues with the:

  • Fourth task.
  • Fifth task.
  • Sixth task.
  • Seventh task.

He's getting completely flustered; even more burnt out, but still continues working on his subsequent tasks like a robotic one-armed ostrich sipping his Hennessy in the hood.

Take Productive Beebop Bebobebop

Productive Beebop Bebobebop taks a different route. Instead of jumping into his tasks -- grudgingly doing one-by-one consecutively, he does this the first thing in the morning:

  1. He delegates one task from his schedule.
  2. He then tells himself, "Hey! I can delegate this other thing too!"
  3. So he delegates another task, then a third, then a fourth, then the yaddas.
  4. He gets more and more things done.
  5. YAY!

He's now cut down his weekly schedule to-complete-list to a day, freeing up more time to get even more things done (or to chill-ax).


Peep this financial wisdomizzle:

  1. An hour of your time costs: $X.
  2. With the internet, classified ads, the yaddas, you can delegate tasks that cost you Y dollars for a good amount less than Y dollars.

Making a little manual on how to do various things you do everyday will save you $KACH-ING$, as you're able to delegate a massive freakness out of your schedule.

Delegate. Soar.

Start by delegating one thing.

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Posted on September 23

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