Why Ask for Business Directions

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  1. You need Unfamiliar Item XYZ.
  2. You go to a store.

You have two options:

  1. Walk around and look for the unfamiliar item.
  2. Ask a store worker for the item's location.

What do you do?

Macho Manchild thinks he's The Macheezmo.

  • "I'll find the $^@$ item," he says.
  • "I don't need help thank you very much!" he screams.
  • "I will find the mother $@^!$ with EASE!"

He walks around:

  • familiarizing himself with the store's layout
  • testing and experimenting different aisles
  • frustratingly goes back and forth until he slowly pins down the item

He finds Unfamiliar Item XYZ 20 minutes later.

Take Sally Susie

Contrast Macho Manchild Macheezmo with Sally Susie.

  1. Sally Susie walks into the store.
  2. "Excuse me," she asks Store Clerk Chloe. "Where can I find XYZ?"
  3. Clerk Chloe leads Sally Susie to the item.

Sally Susie finds the item in 2 minutes.



Ask In Business

You'll venture into 978590487549980634 unfamiliar territories with your business/company/position/etc.

  • Trying to do everything yourself amplifies the amount of time it takes to do unaccustomed business stuff.
  • Asking somebody who's familiar with where you're trying to go? You ridiculously shorten the time to XYZ.

Macho Manchild Macheezmo took 18 more minutes than Sally Susie on one simple task.

You multiply that by 978590487549980634 number of tasks that you'll tackle = DANG SON.

Attempting to:

  • Hire your first employee?
  • Grow a million-dollar business?
  • Build an enterprise system for your company?
  • Rebrand your corporation?
  • Increase quarterly net profits 10 straight times?
  • Drastically turn around your debt-to-equity ratio?

Ask somebody who's been there.

They'll be able to steer you toward the right direction, while keeping you away from cliffs and edges that could annihilate you.

Result: faster and safer.

Ask who?

  • Get referrals.
  • Seek consultants.
  • Search message boards.
  • Attend networking events.
  • SCORE.org.
  • Cold contacts.
  • The Yaddas.

Shorten the amount of time to get to XYZ like a mother !@$!@^@!.



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Posted on May 26

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