Why You Suck at Business Success

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  1. You're somewhat succeeding at X.
  2. But the "somewhat" makes you unhappy.
  3. So, you switch to Y.

Then when you're slightly finding some success with Y, you switch over to Z -- thinking:

  • "That's where I'll find SUPER success!"

But you don't, because you suck.

You go through the continuous cycle of succeeding-being-disappointed-start-over-yadda-yadda.

You = cow.

Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods started out sucking.

So, did Michael Jordan.

So, did the most successful business/CEO/entrepreneur/sales-star/competitor you secretly envy.

  1. When you start out doing X, you will suck at X.
  2. The longer you stick with X, the freakishly better you'll be at X because you find new and better ways to be successful.

Take Bob.

Bob sucks at his graphic design business.

  • His clients are 1-employee shops who pay him a whopping $6.50 per hour.
  • "It's okay," Bob tells himself. "Someday, I will build a million-dollar business."

So Bob, continues helping his clients -- doing whatever he can to stay afloat.

  • Good news comes one day when he gets a call from Senorita Amiga Ti Tatta.
  • Senorita Amiga Ti Tatta runs a 5-employee a bakery in Chinatown because she is French.
  • She needs designs for her shop and menus.

Bob does ridiculously impressive work for her.

His business gradually grows.

As he's running his business, he reads a case study about Dan The Design Man.

  • He learns that Dan The Design Man grew his freakish business by knocking on doors of mid-sized candy factories.
  • "Eureka!" Bob says. "I too will knock on similar doors in my area!"

He starts growing his business even more.


A large company -- referred by one of his happ-eriffic clients -- invites him to bid on its $50K project.




He wins.

...then wins more contracts.

...then wins even more.


He builds a multi-million dollar graphic design business.

...because he stuck with it.

Stick with it.

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Posted on April 27

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