How to Rival Company X's Success

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  1. You're seeking Company X's success in three years.
  2. You're starting from scratch.

What do you do?

Dump strategies/business-plans.

  1. Go to Company X's folks (i.e., the folks most responsible for its success), or anyone having the very same capabilities/skills/experience.
  2. Recruit them.


What Superstar Companies Do

  • Microsoft hired from IBM.
  • Google hired from Microsoft.
  • Facebook is currently poaching top folks from Google.
  • Soon, you'll see another thriving start-up recruiting folks from Facebook.

The magic:

  1. New superstar comes in.
  2. Superstar adopts crazy-ridiculous-value-freakish-driven-knowledge/skills/experience from their previous employer for their current employer.
  3. Company radically improves its game -- driving its success forward to the freak.


Why Cheap Companies Stagnate

A company stingy with their personnel dollars thinks:

  1. We want to keep all of our money.
  2. So, we will hire people and train them to do what we think they should do.
  3. Then, we will make billions!

The facts:

  • It takes years/decades to master Skill X (e.g., public relations, HR, enterprise sales, marketing, etc.).
  • Top folks in their positions have accumulated years/decades of knowledge through freakish training and experience.

Unless you're prepared for a long-drawn-out period of learning (i.e., probably a decade) before the new Schmoes become masters of their positions -- that is, if they stick to it for that long, your best bet to be as successful as a company you admire is to seek folks capable of producing that company's success.

Before you know it, you'll have the capacity of Company X.

We can't afford it!

Hire in increments. For instance:

  • Hire someone capable of helping your company make it over the $1MM threshold.
  • Once you reach that milestone, hire someone capable of taking you over the $5MM line.
  • Then, another for $20MM.
  • Then, another for $100MM.
  • etc.


Hire forward.

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Posted on February 23

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