How to Transform Your Business

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You want to revolutionize your business.

Say you bring in an outside "transformation" expert.

Having only a superficial view of your business, what does the outside consultant tell you?

  1. "Eliminate Products A, B, C, D, E!"
  2. "Replace them with Products V, W, X, Y, Z!"

Five months later, with a major drop in revenue, you're back to doing what worked well for you -- but still achieving those mediocre results.

Transformation programs usually fail because of this misconception:

  1. Revolutionary transformations rarely happen.
  2. Instead, what looks like revolutionary change on the outside is simply a case of piling up small wins on top of each other, everyday/week/month/quarter/year/yadda.

How Do You Pile Up Small Wins?

Play the "Defeat the Champion" game (a.k.a. A/B Testing).

Think of boxing and the WBA championship title belt; organizers consistently line up folks to see who can defeat the champion.

For instance:

  1. Winner of Title Match fights next top contender.
  2. Winner of that Title Match plays next top contender.
  3. Repeat ^2.

That is, you have a consistent stream of fights to try to defeat the champion.

Likewise, with your business:

  1. Determine what you want to improve (e.g., Sales Team).
  2. Determine your current champion (e.g., Salesperson Jenny).
  3. Play the "Defeat the Champion" Game (e.g., Jenny vs. X, to see who can sell more).

You can play the game with almost every aspect of your business in determining:

  • the best products to sell
  • the best sales procedures
  • the best clients to target
  • the best operational techniques
  • the best packaging designs
  • the best ways to recruit
  • etc., etc., etc.

That will give you a clearer perspective on how to divvy your resources, and keep your business ticking.

The moral:

  1. Don't eliminate things that already work (i.e., things that are profitable).
  2. Instead, try to produce things that work better (i.e., things that are more profitable).
  3. Hedge resources accordingly.

Move your business sustainably forward.

Defeat Champion.

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Posted on February 12

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