How to Complete Customer Projects

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  1. Do one client project. Finish.
  2. Do second client project. Finish.
  3. Do third client project. Finish.

The yaddas.

What happens?

  • You lose time.
  • You burn cash.
  • You business stagnates.

The optimal way to do your client projects?

Think of any hamburger joint.

  • Current status: Five orders of cheeseburgers.

The horribly inefficient way (i.e., the non-trained way):

  1. Make and complete Burger ^1.
  2. Make and complete Burger ^2.
  3. Make and complete Burger ^3.
  4. Make and complete Burger ^4.
  5. Make and complete Burger ^5.

The optimal way:

  1. Place five patties in a skillet.
  2. Place five pairs of buns on table.
  3. Place five cheese slices on each pair.
  4. Place five lettuces on each pair.
  5. Finally, place a patty on each pair of bun. DONE.

What just happened?

  • You could've made one burger in 5 minutes.
  • But, you made five burgers in 7 minutes.

It's obvious in the restaurant industry, but most of us don't follow the same approach with our everyday client/project work.

We do one project-at-a-time; complete it; then start on the next.

Instead of grouping similar tasks, and doing those in chunks, we take the horribly inefficient road.

The ToDo

  1. List all current projects.
  2. List tasks needed to finish those projects.
  3. Then link common tasks, and do the mofosokos in chunks at a time.


Instead of spending 5 hours on each project, you spend 7 to complete them all.

  • You've exponentially reduced your workload.
  • You've increased the number of client work you can take.
  • Your business soars like an $^@%^ eagle who's eating dinner with Dikembe Mutombo aboard a choo-choo bounded for Froo Froo. SAY WHAT.

Chunk tasks.

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Posted on January 12

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