How to Delegate Your Business's Finances

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  1. You + Your business's bank account.
  2. "Don't let anyone manage your finances!" they tell you.
  3. So, you continue doing your own payroll/payables/yaddas.


  • You waste a chunk of time managing company finances.
  • More important (i.e., more profitable) things go unsettled.
  • Your business continues sucking like a suck-suck.

Revenues = flat.

Customer satisfaction = flat.

Product innovation = nil.

Your business = BOO.

How do you let others manage your finances?

First, unless you're open to bankrupting your bizo, never give away your master keys.

Instead, do this simple financial trick that most small business owners haven't done:

  1. Open a secondary bank account -- under your company's name.
  2. Occasionally throw in manageable-enough-but-certainly-won't-destroy-you-if-some-nut-decides-to-spend-everything-on-Cheetos funds.
  3. Give someone else the keys to manage that account.


What happens?

  1. You start saving time/headaches/worries.
  2. You free yourself to work on more profitable opps.
  3. You slowly and surely build an operation that doesn't require your presence -- the hallmark of excellent business-buildmaker-YOU.

Sweeter Financial Tricks?

Separate accounts.

  1. An account for payroll
  2. An account for human resources
  3. An account for marketing
  4. An account for vendor payables
  5. An account for Product XYZ
  6. An account for Service ABC
  7. ..and so ^^@! on...


  • More delegation
  • Exponentially lower risk
  • Free up friggin time

The Ultimate Business Effects of Diversified Accounts?

  • Your company starts organizing its finances better, helping it make better decisions (e.g., distinguishing between a money-drainer and a cash-cow).
  • Your company starts budgeting smarter -- realizing it can't go over what you've placed into the accounts (e.g., X funds into the marketing account).
  • Time/headaches/confusion/complexities saved for all.

More importantly, it lets you focus on what matters: building and growing your business for the world.


Diversify Finances.

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Posted on December 23

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