How to Grow Your Business Without Sucking

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  1. You run a business generating freakishlyhaptastic customers.
  2. You grow your business.
  3. Your customer service dwindles.

You end up s.u.c.k.

Think of JetBlue.

  1. They started off enthralling their customers (satellite TVs/radios, leather seats, and sweet snacks).
  2. They grew.
  3. They couldn't keep up their freakishlyfatastic service.

They started sucking:

  • worst on-time record for consecutive years
  • losses for two straight years
  • draining resources fighting the fires of growth

Know the Growth Trap?

Typical Entrepreneur Johnny D Mofikizo starts like this:

  1. He opens his first store. 99% of Customers Freakishly Satisifed.
  2. He opens his second. 90%.
  3. He opens his third. 75%.
  4. He opens his fourth. 40%.
  5. He opens his fourth. 5%.
  6. Yadda
  7. Yadda, until X% of Customers hate his stores, and never visit again -- forcing his company to shut doors.

Exponentially kaboom.

What happens next?

  1. Profits exponentially dwindle with every additional store.
  2. Before he realizes his, his company gets into the red: all of his stores start losing chunks of cash.
  3. He needs cash, but the banks won't lend him.



  • Company grows with happy customers.
  • Company opens second store without resources to keep up happy customers.
  • Company opens third store, further draining customer satisfaction.
  • The yaddas -- until they end up s.u.c.k., with no cash, goes bankrupt, and dies.

How do you grow without sucking?

Think of In-N-Out Burgers.

  • Just about every customer who leaves from their 200 locations = freakishlyfatastically happy.

Your first goal:

  • Make your first store = freakishly-fatastic customers (just about all of 'em).

When you reach the stage where you superificallylikemofo satisfy just about every one of your customer from your first store, open a second one.

  1. Now, maintaining the level of service with your first store, make everyone who walk out of your second store frtuperifically satisfied.
  2. When you reached the stage where your customers freakishly-freak-tastically at two stores, open a third one.
  3. Continue cycle.

Get the pic?

  • Grow only when your company can handle growth.
  • Use customer satisfaction as guide to your growth plans.
  • Grow only when you can make that Xth (e.g, 1000th) customer as happy as your first.

In other words:

  1. First customer = "Yay! I so excited!"
  2. 100th customer = "Yay! I so excited!"
  3. 1000th customer = "Yay! I so excited!"

If the 1000th customer wants to punch you in the face and eat your children, scale back growth plans:

  1. Cut resources on areas that doesn't directly ^^@^%@ satisfy X customers (e.g., sales personnel, yaddas).
  2. Inject more resources that boost-like-a-freak customer satisfaction (e.g., more service training, more product training, yaddas)

...until the last customer = as happy as your first.

(That's when you know you're growing correctly.)

Scale With WowWowWow.

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Posted on December 15

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