How to Strengthen Customer Relationships

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  1. You occasionally call one customer to keep in touch.
  2. You wait another week to call someone else.

As a result:

  • Your customers rarely hear from you.
  • You = ignorant about problems and ideas to improve customer situations.
  • Your relationships with your collective pool of customers suffers like mofosokos in pools of fosokos.

Bottom-line. Drain.

How to Build Relationships Efficiently

Instead of thinking the scattered one-by-one approach, think:

  • Group.

That is, when you pick up the phone:

  1. Don't just call one customer.
  2. Call 5/10/15 immediately after the first.


Newton's Laws of Physics.

Think: You + pushing a car.

  • At first, you suck: nothing moves.
  • But, the more you push, the more the car gains momentum.
  • And the next thing you know, you're pushing the car like it ain't no thang but a chicken wing on a silly string.

You know stopping the moving car will force you to restart the freakishly-strenuous process of getting the car moving again so you keep going.

Likewise with your customers:

  1. The first customer you contact = @^^% hardest.
  2. But, that second one becomes easier.
  3. And the third/fourth/fifth/yadda = easier/easier/easier.

"Stopping on that first contact (or the second or third) will force me to restart the strenuous ^!@$%^^^@%^@%! process!" you tell your bad self.

So, you keep moving and contact the next 4th/5th/6th/7th/yadda customers, as it becomes easier and easier and so much more ridiculously easier.


Instead of solidifying customer relationships once a week, you start solidifying 10/15/20 customer relationships at a time.


  1. More opportunities.
  2. More referrals.
  3. Stronger business.

Think blocks.

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Posted on November 20

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