Who's Your Backup?

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You're running a ridiculously-awesome business.

But, you have no safety-net to save your business's life:

  1. You get hit by a bus? KAPUT!
  2. You go on vacation? STALLS!
  3. You dance the funky-fried-banana-chicken-crispy-wing at your high school reunion? BAM!

Your business = gone.

Who's Gonna Save Yo Bidness?

Sure, you might be in the process of automating your business where nobody needs you.

  • "I'm already putting procedures in place so the business runs without me!" you might be saying.

But say that to Supertreezy's ears, and he'll slap yo face:

  1. "What if the person that will run your business get hit by a bus?" he screams.
  2. "Won't your business destroy itself then chickenhead?" he yells.

Even if you're about to automate your business to have someone replace your position:

  1. Think backup.
  2. Think backup.
  3. Think backup.

Not only will you keep your business running smoothly with a backup plan, but you will:

  1. keep yourself/your-CEO burnout-free
  2. keep morale high: "Hey, the world doesn't rest on my shoulders! I have a partner in crime!"
  3. boost intelligent business decisions (two smart brains will kick one smart brain's ass any frickin' day of frickin' mankind's frickin week)

Take it from the most well-organized nation in the world.

(in our humble opinion, anyway)

  • One backup: good.
  • Multiple backups: even better.

What if something happens to the President of the United States?

  1. The *VP* steps in.
  2. The Speaker of the House steps in if something happens to the VP.
  3. The President pro tempore would step in next.
  4. The Secretary of State would then step in afterward.
  5. etc.

Ideally, you'd want a company where:

  1. If Person A drops the ball, Person B can step in.
  2. And if Person B drops the ball, Person C can step in.
  3. And if Person C drops the ball, Person D can step in.

Not only backups for the top, but backups for those in-betweens as well:

  1. Duane can step in for Debby**.
  2. Kaleb can step in for Kathy**.
  3. Henry can step in for Henrietta**.

Succession down the line, where people know: "Hey, I have another person here that I can rely on!", makes good businesses everlasting businesses.

Backup Yo Business.

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Posted on July 23

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