How to Spend Your Business Time

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Try this; compare how much time you're:

  • Working on client projects.
  • Working on your own business project.

"What in the mofo?"

  • Client project: helping fix Freddy Lee's car.
  • Business project: building your actual business.

You have two choices how you spend your time:

  1. work on Freddy Lee's car
  2. work on your own business

Do more of one, and the other suffers. Do both equally, and you get mediocrity.

"What should I do?! OH NOES!"

When you work on Freddy Lee's car:

  • your business project becomes ignored
  • your business becomes stale
  • your business transitions into the long-lost-f.u.g.l.y.-step-child

Yet, switch it:

What happens to Freddy Lee's car when you work more on your business?

  1. Yes, you ignore Freddy's car.
  2. But, you can teach others to fix it.
  3. You can create a little user's manual on how to service different errors.
  4. You can hire potentially awesome folks to take over your master job.


What just happened?

Magic just happened. @^^% magic in this form:

  1. You rock your business project 100%.
  2. Your employees rock the customer projects 100%.
  3. Your business grows. You help more people

(Bonus: Your employees helps out on the business project through feedback frequently too.)

Win for all. The best of both worlds. Ta-da.

Let's mother-@^^%^ skip like we ugly children.

Ultimately, you give yourself this:

  • time to build your ridiculous business only your uniquely whimsical freakish imagination knows how

Result: You build the business of your freakish dreams.

A business that:

  • continuously provides value to tons
  • employs passionate freaks
  • generates constant innovations
  • services customers like Santa @^%^ Claus
  • gradually becomes the pinnacle of your industry

You start creating that vision you had when you just started.

At the end of your day, ask yourself:

  • How much % did I spend working on Freddy's car?
  • How much % did I spend working on my own biz project?


Focus on Your Business. Help More People.

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Posted on June 12

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