How Revolutionary Change Happens

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  1. You want to close a freakish sales deal.
  2. You escape at the first sign of stress.
  3. You end up staying stagnant.

Every positive change in your life won't happen unless you experience some struggle.

  1. Want to sell to a big client? Prepare for the nerves/unknown/fears/chaos.
  2. Want to become the best in your industry? Prepare for the grueling practices.
  3. Want to win over your crush? Prepare for the anxieties/jitters/angst.

The Rule: You will not change your life/business unless you struggle through something.

Think of Sports Movies

The typical sports movie:

  1. Start with a sucky sports team.
  2. End with a championship-winning team.

Between the first step and the last step, what happens?

  • A dramatic change happens.
  • People dramatically change their ways of living/talking/eating.
  • Peeps experience the exhaustive hours of reprogramming the way they work.
  • They stress their abilities -- as if they're stacking a ton more weights on their lifts.

But, how does Typical Businessperson Billy B attempt to change?

  1. Try X for the first day.
  2. See no dramatic results.
  3. Quit. Then, blame "the system" for making him suck.

It's as if Billy B want to go from sucky to glory without going through that vital intermediary vicious struggle.


Don't be Billy B.

Be freakish Rudy Ruttiger.

How to Revolutionize Yourself/Your-Fab-Company

Remember, dramatic change happens only through dramatic struggles.

The magnitude of how much improvement happens with your business correlates with how much struggle you experience with your business.

Every struggle makes you stronger -- growing your skills, confidence, and rockability.

How Change Happens

For instance:

  1. You have only experience working with X-size clients.
  2. You push yourself to the core to work with your first Y-size client -- changing the way you work, changing how you approach and serve clients, and changing how you manage your team to rock clients' goals.
  3. You gradually become more confident/skilled/content working with Y-size clients.


Prepare for freakish struggles before you can dance the funky chicken at your company's $10 MM revenue milestone par-tay.

The Template

"Before I can experience this milestone _ , I will have to struggle through this _ ."

Struggle before glory.

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Posted on June 05

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