Why Your Future Sucks

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  1. "In ten years, I will exercise, eat healthy, and live life to the fullest."
  2. "But today, I will lounge on the couch, eat chili fries, and live like there are a million tomorrows!"


  1. "Next year, I will build the most ridiculous startup the world has ever seen!"
  2. "But today, I will read message boards!"


  1. "Tomorrow, I will start on my project."
  2. "But today, I will relax!"

How We Human People Suck

We psychologically overrate our futures.

Thinking tomorrow will bring us brighter days, we consistently sacrifice our today/now/this-minute time to the freakish wolves.

  1. "Tomorrow will be better!"
  2. "Oh, don't mind how I suck now!"
  3. "Because, I will be smiling tomorrow!"

That's why we:

  • put things on credit card
  • take out freakish loans
  • put off exercise
  • eat junk food
  • avoid healthy conflicts
  • lease expensive cars
  • procrastinate on our projects

Thinking our futures will be oh-so super-duper-riffic-o, we use our today/now/this-minute-time wastefully destroying that very future.


Let's Reframe Our Perspectives

Try this:

  1. Stop thinking 'in the future.'
  2. Whatever you do for the rest of your life depends on how you spend today/this-minute/this-second.
  3. Done.

If you ever start with a sentence with,

  • "In the future, I will..."

...do this:

  1. Look in the mirror.
  2. Slap the @^^% out of yourself.

Then tell yourself:

  1. "I will most-likely-probably-like-99% never do anything 'in the future'."
  2. "If I want something in the future, I make progress -- even if it's teeny-tiny-tiny progress -- toward that future today."

For instance:

  • "I'll be super-fit in the future!"
    Do 5 push-ups this minute.

  • "My company will be financially-dope in the future!"
    Jot down 1 idea that will cut costs.

  • "I'll build one ridiculous business someday!"
    Take 5 minutes to register your domain name.

High-five yourself.

You just made your future a closer reality.


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Posted on May 07

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