How to Sell Stuff

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Think of stereotypical seller Joe Goe.

  1. He's aggressively pitching you, daily.
  2. Dude-just-does-not-stop. Ever.

Why Joe Can't Sell

Joe's approach is like prodding some stranger to buy you a free gift.

  1. You'll probably succeed once in a kabillion tries.
  2. You'll turn the rest of 'em off fo life.

Say NO! to being a net-negative on peeps' lives.

Instead, be a net-positive -- and sell more.

Provide Ridiculous Value

How to sell your IT services to Billy:

  1. First, provide Billy value -- genuinely. (Teach him where to source for the best tech suppliers, how to keep maintenance costs down, tips to build his software application iteratively, etc.)
  2. Billy still won't buy? Provide him more value.
  3. Still won't buy? Provide him even more value.
  4. Still won't? Provide him even much more crazy-ridiculous value.
  5. Etc.

Billy tunes in more to your messages because you're helping his life, making him more open to your offerings.

Value, Value, Value, Value.

Keep piling on value, and he'll eventually:

  1. Buy from you, unsolicited.
  2. Or, he'll refer his connections to you.

(Rule of reciprocity: You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.)

Hooray for you.

One caveat:

You have to really want to help.

People can spot ungenuine mother-kabluckers from a million miles away.

If you sell some product that provides absolutely no value to peeps' lives, you'll:

  • lose those customers for life
  • lose their networks for life

Your long-term earning potential: S.U.C.K.

When you:

  1. genuinely try to improve people's lives
  2. sell stuff that improves their lives even more'll become a ridiculously-legendary selling machine who wrestles carne asada burritos for fun.

Ridiculous value.

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Posted on April 24

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