How to Be Productive

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Savagely dominate ______ as fast as mutha-bluckin possible.

What happens?

  1. You drive your entire focus to rock the task at hand.
  2. You destroy 100% of distractions.
  3. You fully maintain your productive momentum.

Optimal You: Check


Work as Fast as Possible to Finish Everything

That includes:

  • brushing your teeth
  • eating breakfast
  • putting on your clothes
  • comprehending a book

And your work stuff:

  • finishing a project
  • communicating your points
  • responding to customer inquiries
  • completing an employee manual

Working as fast as freakishly possible exploits your subconscious magic hidden inside your brain to creatively dominate task-by-task-by-task. It's like you're roaming the neighborhood taking little pumpkins, and viciously beating each with a French sourdough. Result:

  • You get exponentially more done.
  • You strengthen your 'mental focus muscles'.
  • You free up more relaxation time! Yay!

And (AND!) You Boost Creativity

Just because you approach each task like you're a coked-up Stegosaurus on HGH doesn't mean you take quality lightly. Oh no. You tap your brain's creative subconscious side when you're trying to finish something as quickly as possible.

  1. The creativity in you starts shining like there's no tomorrow.
  2. You start producing stuff you couldn't previously imagined.


So, Say Nu-UH to Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking exponentially slows your productivity.

  1. The constant switch back-and-forthers drains your optimal focus every time.
  2. It's as if you're re-climbing Mount Himalukigagmaodoa every single time.
  3. The build-up in lost productivity will ruin any good progress.


Sidebar: "How Do I Approach Big Projects?!"

You have a 6-month project.

  1. The wondrous prodigy in you would take five minutes to finish Version 0.00001.
  2. Then, that prodigy would continually refine and tinker with successive versions, building 'outward' to get those subsequent product releases.
  3. You constantly focus on finishing as fast as possible -- every single time.


  1. Pick a task.
  2. Dominate it as fast as humanly possible.
  3. "NEXT!"


(Caution! Caution! Savagely dominating tasks one-by-one can take its toll if you don't recharge. So, take frequent breaks to refresh yo-self.)

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Posted on February 22

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