Can a Kid Run Your Company?

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You're running the most technically-advanced company in the whole-wide world.

You're bringing in customers by the droves; Businessweek's calling wanting an interview; you've landed Oprah. OPRAH! But then! All of a sudden!

Mr. Master-Of-the-Universe-Of-the-Galaxy decides he wants his 12-year-old daughter to run your company.


He tells you: "You have 7 days. My daughter will take over your company, and it must run as efficiently as ever. Or else!" OH what COULD HaPpEn? OH NOOOOOO! But wait! Here comes:

Mr. Save-YOUR-Boo-Tay to the Rescue!

You're going hysterical. There's absolutely no way you can hand over your business to a 12-year old and have it running in tip-top shape in a week -- you think. Mr. SYBT slaps you. He asks:

  1. Him: "If you somehow climbed mountains in the Himalayas for several weeks, could your company run without you?"
  2. You: Umm, no.
  3. Him: "Well, you're a disgrace to all of mankind, chump."

You cry. He slaps you again. Then, he goes on his teaching trip:

"TOP SECRET: Mr. SYBT's Business How-Tos"

Mr. SYBT's meticulous speech:

Point ^1: Automate your business.

Build a company where you can step away -- anytime you want -- and still have it run efficiently as ever.

Point ^2: Focus on automation.

How does McDonald's hire high schoolers to be the public faces of their kabillion-dollar empire? It's because those sons-of-@^^%^ automate the freak out of their business -- where pimple-faced Billy can run the joint.

Point ^3: Standardize processes.

Automate your business through standard hiring/training/management/manufacturing/deployment/the-yadda procedures. Have a set approach to handle employee and customer feedback. Standardize innovation. Ask: How would you want your company to run if you were out climbing Mount Kangchenjunga?

Point ^4: Can you leave effortlessly?

If your company can run without you, you've accomplished the hallmark of business: You're making money by exhausting none of your time or energy.

Point ^5: Expand value.

With newfound freedom from your company making money without your presence, you've opened up a can of kick-ass new opportunities -- which you can also automate -- to grow your business even more. Capitalize on your business -- exponentially. Make it grow. Give it hope. See it soar. (Mr. SYBT is very deep.)

So, for the Next Week..

Knowing Mr. Master-Of-the-Universe-Of-the-Galaxy means business, you start automating your business to its core.

  1. You create steps on hiring folks: where to prospect, traits to hire, standard forms to fill, et. al.
  2. Likewise, you create detailed-but-simple steps on managing folks, getting the most out of folks, generating new customers.
  3. You explain how to source vendors, respond to competitors, build product XYZ, handle customer inquiries, steps to ridiculously innovate, the yaddas.

Granting access: Senior managers, employees, consultants, vendors, and contractors will have access to individual sections/pages -- helping them do their jobs to-the-max. You then preface the secret book to its keepers:

"Note: This manual and its pages will continually change to optimize its value. I've included a section on how and when to change sections to make it even better."

And Then...

With a solemn bow, you hand over your secret book:

  • You: Miss-Princess-Of-the-Universe-Of-the-Galaxy, with great honor, I present to you our company's secret manual.
  • You: It will show you step-by-step how to run our company in very simple language.
  • Her: "That's awesome."
  • You: Soar.



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Posted on January 18

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