How Good People Help You

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Timmy's running his little shop. He thinks he knows everything. So, he creates user manuals. Then, he hires cheaply. He thinks he'll profit most that way.

  • He thinks he can "build" an expert salesperson.
  • He thinks he can "build" an expert CFO.
  • He thinks he can "build" an expert HR department.

But here's why he's wrong.

People, Listen Up: You're Ain't That Smart

Ridiculously skilled people take 10-15 years to perfect their crafts. Take any NBA player, any chessmaster, any Grammy-award winning artist, or any other person at the peak of their professions; those mofos needed more than a decade of hard training to arrive. To reach peak awesomeness, according to research on the making of experts by Emory and Florida State professors: it takes at least 10 years of focused/deliberate practice. Now, if you wanted to build a blue-chip-high-flying record label from scratch while you're still in tip-top-shape, you wouldn't take:

  • 10 years to train your singing voice.
  • Another 10 years to boost your business chops.
  • Another 10 years to discipline your marketing skills.
  • Another 10 years to mold your financial acumen.

Oh no -- that'd take 40 years. Instead, you'd hire:

  1. a ridiculously good singer
  2. a ridiculously good music businessperson
  3. a ridiculously good music marketer
  4. a ridiculously good person to keep your finances in check

What does that give you? You gain 40 years of knowledge in 0.001% of the time. That leaves you the rest of your years to empower the mutha-!@^^% out of your business to rock the world. Win.

Say NO! to Doing a Timmy

"Maximizing profit" to entrepreneurs like Timmy means building his very own (1) sales dept., (2) hr dept., (3) financial dept., (4) marketing dept., (5) technical dept. by relying on his amateurish:

  • 100 hours of sales experience
  • 100 hours of human resource experience
  • 100 hours of financial experience
  • 100 hours of marketing experience
  • 100 hours of technical experience

How do you demolish Timmy's little business? Get those with:

  • 10,000 hours of sales experience
  • 10,000 hours of human resource experience
  • 10,000 hours of financial experience
  • 10,000 hours of marketing experience
  • 10,000 hours of technical experience

Then, you'll be a kabillion hours ahead of Timmy. Win.

"But wait! I can't afford those expensive peeps!"

No problem. Options include:

  1. consulting
  2. mentoring
  3. coaching

And, if you have no money:

  1. Just ask for advice (it's free! yay! high-five!)

You ultimately want to learn as much as possible from those expert folk -- and rely on their decades of expertise to guide you. The expert folk will collectively steer you on the path to awesomeness by giving you golden shortcuts.

You suck. Seek the good.


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Posted on November 19

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