Why Rank Your Employees

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"No! You can't do that! It'll hurt people's feelings!" says Bubba-the-consultant-extraordinaire. But what Bubba-just-dont-understand: Ranking your employees empowers your entire team. Here's why.

The Scenario

Johnny ranks first in sales. Bobby ranks last.

  1. "Bobby, you suck in sales," you tell him.
  2. Bobby starts crying.
  3. You slap him. "Bobby! No! That just means I misplaced you!"

What do you know?

  1. You know that Johnny ranks first in sales, so you better keep that dude in place where he can kick boot-tay for your compa-nay.
  2. You know Bobby needs a different position where he can empower your team.
  3. You place him in different positions. You see where he ranks well.

Finally: light bulb! Bobby ranks second-best in cost-cutting. You give him a full-time position in cost-cutting, where he excels for your company reducing costs-after-costs-after-costs. With your ranking system, you gradually empower every other team member in every facet of your ridiculously awesome company. Win.

Rankings Optimize Your Team to the Fullest!

Take another example. You're the basketball coach full of different talents.

  1. You start ranking them by: points, assists, rebounds.
  2. After 5 games, you look at your stat sheet.
  3. You see that Sally's the best scorer, Ashley's dishes the most assists, and Rachel grabs the most rebounds.

What does the information tell you?

  1. I know who's my first option to score.
  2. I know who needs to take the ball up-court.
  3. I know who I need to play the low post.

With your stat sheet, you start placing people where they can excel for the team. "Ashley will play point guard; Sally will play shooting guard; and, Rachel will play center," you proudly chime. Optimized Team = Check!

What Variables Do You Measure?

  1. Start with the big ones (e.g. sales).
  2. Break them down (e.g. leads generated, sales closed, etc.
  3. Start ranking.

Experiment with your own variables that drive sweet growth. Then, measure/measure/measure to realize and optimize your players' strengths, empowering your company. Tell em' now:

I Will Rank You. Yay!


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Posted on November 05

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