Why You're Not Moving

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You've dreamed of an invention for years.

  1. You wake up thinking about it.
  2. You spend hours producing new features for it.
  3. You lie awake at night reflecting on how to improve it.

Yet, you're not doing anything about it -- you're just dreaming.

You're not moving.

Why? Wisdom would tell you're trying to be too perfect. But, better advice would tell you: You're fearing something.

Take Teddy.

We'll describe a little story about Teddy:

  1. Teddy dreams of building one ridiculous business.
  2. He tells the world what's going to happen.
  3. He thinks about the impact his business will have.

Yet, five years later -- he's still reverting back to original self -- never moving forward with his plans. What's going on with Teddy? Subconsciously:

  • He fears he'll destroy "everything."
  • He fears for unemployment.
  • He fears he'll lose his house, his car.
  • He fears for his kids' future.
  • He fears the first rough months.
  • He fears spontaneous cash flow.
  • He fears those inevitable harsh failures.

The fears prevent Teddy from doing anything. So, to be safe -- he continues dreaming, wondering one day when the time's ready. But, unfortunately, that day will never come.

Why Confront Fears

The more fears you confront, and beat down into submission -- the more you'll move forward. Think of fears as weights -- the bigger ones weighing heavier.

You want to travel to distance X.

But, the weights make it physically impossible to get there.

  1. You try for days/months/years to get to X.
  2. No matter how hard you try, you never see progress.
  3. The weights are destroying your dreams to get to X.

If you don't confront those weights by knocking them down, you'll never make progress toward your goal. So:

  1. You confront those weights.
  2. You knock them down one-by-one, as you're moving forward.
  3. Gradually-then-quickly-then-faster you make your way to X.

With more weights knocked down, the faster you make your way to your goal.

How to Tackle Your Fears

  1. Define your goal.
  2. List fears related to that goal.
  3. Confront, tackle, beat down.

Think of the worst-case scenario associated with those fears.

  • Are the fears overblown? You're likely amplifying them.
  • Would the fears destroy you? Probably not.
  • Could you accept it? Of course.
  • Could you overcome it? Definitely.

But, if you can't possibly overcome it?

Reduce your goal to a less ambitious one -- one where you could overcome the worst-case scenario. Succeeding takes a step-by-step approach, knowing you can't build Rome in a day. Moving toward a goal takes persistent beat-downs of your fears. The more you knock down, the faster you'll go.

Sidebar: "I don't have any fears associated to my goal!"

If you're not moving forward, you're probably subconsciously fearing something. The human brain tends to avoid harsh realities, so if you explicitly seek those fears, you'll see them.

Knock the trashy effas down.


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Posted on August 29

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