How to Rock Your Work Day

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Imagine preparing for some local marathon, where your sexy ass will be running in those tidy-whitey short-shorts, while thousands of onlookers will scrutinize how seriously deformed you run. How do you prepare to run 26 miles in the months before the big race?

  1. You start exercising daily.
  2. You run 5 miles five times a week.
  3. You set challenges. You set goals.
  4. You track your records.
  5. You remind yourself: Carbs, carbs, carbs.

Four months of training, and now -- duh-da-da-duh-da: It's time! "How will I spend my last day before the race?!" you ask your fab-self.

  • Relaxation.
  • Nutritious meals.
  • Calcium, and carbs.
  • H-2-the-mutha-effin-0.

You're ridiculously focused the night before, you prepare your entire arsenal for tomorrow, you free your mind -- knowing the rest will follow, you sleep early to get sufficient rest -- because tomorrow you're going to rock the @^^% house. It's race day:

  • You eat a high-but-light carb breakfast.
  • You psyche yourself with motivational screams.
  • You visualize your dominating performance.
  • You're prepped like a vicious hyena.

And, most importantly: You've best prepared yourself for a peak performance. You = winner. (Others = LOSERS.)

Why Workaholics Never Get Things Done

Imagine running a marathon the day before the actual marathon. That's akin to workaholics destroying themselves, daily.

  1. Never allowing for full rest, they work themselves until exhaustion.
  2. Then upon "going home", they go through Work Scenarios A, B, C, D, X, Z in their heads.
  3. They start playing in their mind how to manage employee Cramo, employee Dolphin, and employee Mazuta.

Their minds are trapped into a viscous never-ending cycle that gradually strikes their energy reserves, their brainpower, their creativity, and their productivity. They wake up the next day, with cluttered minds, poor morale, gutted energy. Their inevitable performance? Suck-kay. While they're struggling to keep pace with their counterparts, some more equipped, prepared, sleep-sufficient, gung-ho, awesome dude is kicking them in the balls.

How to Prepare for Your Work

How would you prepare for battle if you were a champion marathoner? Now, replace "marathoner" with your occupation.

  • "How would I prepare myself as an eventual champion _____________?"

Rule of thumb: The better you prepare for your work day, the more ass-kickings you'll have. With a sane mind, a clear head, a healthy body, you'll start passing up Workaholic Willie like he ain't but a thang on a chicken wing on a string-- while doing less work, and having an oh-so-much-more enjoyable life. You = winner.

Prepare like the champion.


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Posted on August 20

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