Why Your Clothes Matter

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Scenario: "Dude, we can dress however we feel like it. Yay!" You know the deal:

  • "We're a startup; we can dress as wacked as we want!"
  • "Hey, I'm working at home. My PJs work fine."
  • "It's a waste of time dressing, when we could be working!"

Yet, what you might not know: You increase your chances of doing sloppy/sad/tired work when you dress sloppy/sad/tired. Dressing well 'tricks' your brain to work better by enlivening your subconscious to kick mutha-!@^^%^ ass.

How Dressing Well Rocks

Dressing to impress enforces good symbolisms that make you perform at your best. Think of it this way:

Your PJs + You

  1. You wear your PJs at night when you're watching TV.
  2. You start symbolizing your PJs with relaxation, leisure, unimportance, yadda.
  3. That subconsciously compelling you to experience "relaxation, leisure, unimportance, yadda" when you're in those PJs.

Now, compare what you'd wear on a first date:

Your First Date Clothes + You

  1. Unless you're too-cool-for-skool, you'd likely "dress to impress."
  2. You symbolize those clothes with success, peak performance, and being at your most kick-ass self.
  3. Your "first-date" clothes subconsciously compels you to perform at your best.

El Rule of Thumbo

  • If you dress sloppy, you'll likely do sloppy work.
  • If you dress kick-ass, you'll likely do kick-ass work.


According to Harvard Medical's Alice Domar:

Although it may seem counterintuitive to slip into the skirt you save for special occasions, it helps to look in the mirror and see an energizing image ' not a deflating one that confirms and reinforces your internal state. Dressing for success will give you a big mental boost every time you catch sight of your reflection throughout the day.

"But, What If I Hate Suits?!"

"Dressing well" doesn't just mean suits and ties. It's whatever makes you perform at your best. In other words, instead of thinking what will impress others, start thinking:

  • "What clothes impress me?"

Once you start loving what you wear, you'll increase your confidence to perform.

Kick ass and take names by dressing to impress yo-self.


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Posted on July 02

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