How to End Procrastination

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Scenario: "Dude, just do it. You'll win. Yay!"

  1. Imagine staring up a freakish mountain. It's big, it's tall, it's freaky, and it's scary. You don't wanna go up, now -- you don't wanna fail.
  2. Now, imagine starting at a bunny hill. It's small, it's kiddy-like, and it's oh-so-easy-to-accomplish. You could do it with your eyes closed.

Typical Entrepreneur Elemo imagines his workload as if he's staring up some big, freakish, Everest-like mountain. So:

  1. He avoids his work as much as possible.
  2. "It's too scary now! Maybe the workload will scare me less later!" he subconsciously thinks.
  3. That leaves him little room to really kick butt on his work, resulting in mediocrity-after-mediocrity.

Uh-freakin-oh. What to do, what to do?

Reverse your mindset.

Instead of seeing your pile of work as some Everest-colossal-like mountain, tackle your plethora of tasks by completing one, easy, feasible bunny hill. Ask yourself the secret sauce: "What can my badass accomplish in 60 seconds?"

Piles of Work Starts With a Bunny

Freakishly efficient people accomplish their freakish workload by starting with one small, easy, bunny-hill-like, accomplishable thing that they do in minutes. Bite-sized chunks. Easy, simple, and digestible. Why? If you accomplish something in 60 seconds, you build more momentum to accomplish more stuff -- then some more, and some more -- until you're working like a rapid ostrich on crack.

The Power of the First Bite-Sized Chunk

Imagine a big-giant flywheel -- similar to what Jim Collins describes in his bestseller.

  1. Initially, you can barely move the giant flywheel.
  2. But, as you continue to push some more, the increasing momentum makes the flywheel rotate faster -- then faster.
  3. You push some more, and it goes even faster.

Accomplishing your massive tasks works the same way:

  1. At first, you'll see minimal-but-promising results.
  2. But as you complete accomplish an initial task, the follow-up task becomes easier.
  3. You complete that, then the third, fourth, fifth, etc., becomes increasingly oh-so much easier.

After a while, you start seeing yourself leveraging the work momentum you've created to complete task-after-task-after-sexy-task. "Hey, this ain't bad. Oh, no. Let's accomplish something else!" you tell your bad-self. Follow-up work becomes freakishly easier, resulting in a cherished: "@^^, wtf! I'm one productive mofo!" From a 60-second bite-sized start, you prep yourself to become one vigorous, focused, efficient mofo that chases down tasks -- and beats them into utter submission.

The 60-Second Trick: It's Oh-So Magical

Feel like you're procrastinating? If at any point -- in your fabulous life -- you ever feel like an unproductive crazy person, try the trick:

Accomplish something in 60 seconds.

Then, see the resulting magic: You'll accomplish more -- then, increasingly, more. Becoming the efficient mofo you've always wanted to be:

"What can I accomplish in 60 seconds?"

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Posted on June 25

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