How to Grow Your Company Quickly

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Scenario: "Dude, we want to grow our company with many employees. Yay!" You have two options when 'growing' your business: * a) increasing revenues * b) increasing employees Those crazy -- but well-intentioned -- people, thinking they have to be little kings in their frickin' little worlds, inevitably choose what? * Increasing employees. That creates a rigid organization that becomes super-difficult to move. It's like you're throwing twenty peeps in a VW, and heading for your destination. Unneeded Overhead = Sucks. ---------------------- Instead, start outsourcing those non-critical functions to be more flexible/adaptable -- and in turn, grow those revenues freakishly faster.

The Problem with Hiring for Everything

* You'll have to go through the hiring process. * Then, the training process. * Next, the management process. * Then if they suck: the firing process. Instead of growing revenues through more profitable ways, you're focused on that operational madness. There's a better way.

How Outsourcing Saves You $$$

No more: hiring masses of people, training them, then monitoring their progress -- ultimately, wasting precious resources. You leave it up to those outsourcing partners. When you outsource to independent firms, they're all-set-ready-and-pumped-to-rock for your company -- right now. * Need lead generators? You can readily set up a campaign by week's end. * Need custom software built? You can recruit a high-flying team by tomorrow. * Need a pretty website? Get a fan-tab-ulous one in two weeks. * Yadda, yadda, yadda. You'll save massive time getting what you want.

And if some contractors/outsourced-firms sucks?

The minute some firm underperforms/sucks, you can dump it instantly. Instead of losing several months of productivity/resources/$$$, you lose a fraction through outsourcing.

How Outsourcing Helps You Grow

Consider two firms: Firm A vs. Firm B.

Firm A

Firm A has its own customer service department, a team of programmers, IT folks, accountants, and assemblers. How long would you say Firm A has existed? Probably decades: it likely took years to train a high-flying customer service team, hiring and managing programmers, recruiting knowledgeable IT folks, attracting those accountants, and building systematic processes for the assemblers. Now, consider:

Firm B

Like the first firm, Firm B has its customer service department, a team of programmers, IT folks, accountants, and assemblers. Yet, Firm B assembled that team within months -- through outsourcing those functions: * It got its 50-person customer service department through the Yellow Pages. * It built its website using a Silicon Valley design firm. * It got its accountants through a local firm. * It took care of their IT support through GeekSquad. * It got its assemblers through a fulfillment company. Instead of expending resources over decades, Firm B saved astronomic resources, money, and freakishly good time.

And, oh: it doesn't just stop there. Oh no.

  1. Because of its flexibility through outsourcing, it can choose better providers instantly if some partner ain't performin'.
  2. It can grow its team even stronger, and sexier; by outsourcing, it can pick up a top-flight team of hundreds within days -- without hiring, training, and managing.

The result?

  1. With its flexibility, Firm B can/will see that exponential growth in revenues.
  2. Meanwhile, Firm A -- if it's trying to grow revenues -- will move in an unfortunate linear fashion as it tries to keep every-little-frickin'-thing together.

When to Outsource

Outsource when:

  1. You truly cannot be the absolute best at something.
  2. Some function lies at the bottom of your company's profitability scale.
  3. You can grow revenues quicker through a outsourced partner.

You'll make your company more flexible, and adaptable to grow those sexy revenues. Whenever possible:

Outsource like a mofo.


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Posted on May 16

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