How to Approach Every Action

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Scenario: "Dude, just plan everything before you do anything. Yay!" You're about to race across 3,000 miles. What do you do?

  • You get the resources you'll need.
  • You ask for experienced advice.
  • You get the people you need on the journey.

Then, you start going. When you're on the trip, you discover:

  • You change plans according to current realities.
  • You detour certain areas to arrive quicker.
  • You take stops to recharge yourself.

Yet, one thing always stays constant: "Everything I do guides me to that finish line." That's akin to leading a fabulous life. You know you're !@^^%^ rock-star when everything you do leads to your ultimate goal.


Three ways:

  1. You start doing what matters most.

    Before you do anything, you psychologically start thinking: "How can I make the biggest leap to my goal?" Then, you plan your actions accordingly.
  2. You become smartly productive.

    You won't waste your precious kick-butt time with unnecessary junk -- or, spending a kabillion hours doing something that moves you a sucky two inches toward your ultimate goal.
  3. You become ridiculously happier.

    When you're making progress, you release happy brain chemicals that produces that oh-so-sexy-good-feeling. (The corollary: Seeing yourself making no progress cripples your soul.)

Progress: Filthy good.

The Roadmap to Fabulousity

  1. Choose your ultimate goal.
  2. From this day forward: "Everything I do guides me to my ultimate goal as quickly as possible."
  3. Rock.

Tips For That Ultimate Goal

  1. Make it big.
    Make it something that (1) you can achieve, and (2) inspires you to rock every-!@^^%^-day.
  2. Keep it concrete.
    That is, you'll know when you've reached that freakish goal -- where you'll then set an even higher milestone. Otherwise, you'll wander aimlessly -- constantly doubting your every action.

"What about relaxing and playing?!"

Formula 1 drivers need frequent pit-stops to refuel their juice. Likewise, your body uses breaks to refuel your kick-ass-energy reserves. Without breaks, you'll eventually run on a snail's pace. (Imagine running across the country without refueling.)

What do "breaks" include?

Breaks include anything that refuels you juices for some more butt-kicking later on. Some examples:

  1. Chillaxin'.
  2. Reading a novel.
  3. Playing ball with the homies.
  4. Vacationing faraway.
  5. Going on a dinner date.
  6. Yadda.

Seek your world-inspiring goal.

Then, chase that down and beat that mutha-!@^^%^ into submission.

Destination. Car. Go.


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Posted on April 30

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