How to Fix Your Business

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Scenario: "We gotta read more business books to find new ideas! Yay!"

  1. Gordy wants to improve his business.
  2. Gordy wonders what else he needs to improve his business.
  3. Gordy searches for the greatest business books in the world.
  4. Gordy learns about disruptive marketing.
  5. Gordy incorporates the initiative into his business.

We get so caught up in looking for the "next-quick-fix" for our broken businesses -- that we forget what would help it most: Focus on the frickin' basics of running a business.

What are The Basics?

It's what Henry Ford, Walt Disney, David Packard, Charles Walgreen, and Sam Walton focused on decades ago:

  • Consistent cash flow.
  • Fattened profit margins.
  • Increased monthly profits.
  • Improved employee morale.
  • Quicker customer response times.
  • Better customer service scores.
  • Increased referral numbers.
  • Keeping customer promises.
  • Yadda.

In other words, instead of looking outside for quick-fixes, start looking inside to improve your business.

How to Improve those Basics

Your accounting statements are your best friends. Account your shizzle, then freakishly improve those basic financial variables over time (e.g. year/month/week/day/etc.):

  • Net Profit
  • Cash Flow
  • Expenses
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Inventory
  • Assets
  • Liabilities

Basics, basics, basics -- not too sexy, but they'll ridiculously empower your business.

The Rule of Thumb

If Henry Ford didn't employ some business practice, it's probably not too useful. Running a fabulous business is nothing new -- although you wouldn't know it by the plethora of business ebooks floating around; so, don't be tempted by the next business bestseller/article/solution that promises those quick-fixes.

Rock the basics. Focus inside.


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Posted on April 10

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