How to Accelerate Your Success

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Scenario: "Dude, only your drive and persistence count! No short-cuts. High-five!" People take years to learn these, so we'll ask:

  • If you want to get into $20+ MM companies, how'd you do it?
  • If you need elite Stanford engineering interns, what'd you do?
  • If you need custom software, how'd you go about it?
  • If your restaurant needs branded furnishings, what'd you do?

The options:

  • a) Do as much research as you can, then decide!
  • b) Just test and experiment, and see what works!
  • c) Talk to someone who's been there before you.

(a) could be right, but you probably won't get relevant information for your particular situation. (b) could be right -- but it'll take you years to figure out what works. By then, you'd probably run out of cash. (c) is right, because it gains you a ridiculous amount of knowledge/experience -- ridiculously quickly. You can do your research and experiments -- but without a solid foundation of knowledge/experience, you'll severely decelerate your success potential. Instead, seek experience in whatever you're trying to do -- someone who's been there before you; you'll gain years of knowledge within minimal time.

The Power of Seeking Experience

Imagine a juiced-up ostrich on 'roids running like he just stole something. That's how fast you'll boost your success: Instead of beginning right at the starting line, you start 9048138591341290 meters ahead of the line. To demonstrate that phenomenon:

  • Johnny's 10 years of software sales = 10 days to learn.
  • Leslie's 10 years of interning college kids = 10 days to learn.
  • Tomas's 10 years of marketing experience = 10 days to learn.
  • Nicole's 10 years of accounting experience = 10 days to learn.
  • Wamutombo's 10 years of ecommerce exp. = 10 days to learn.

In other words, you'll gain 50 years of knowledge within 50 days. (And of course, the more you surround yourself with experienced people, the more knowledge/experience you'll gain.)

"Wait! How is that possible?!"

We're not quite saying you can grasp everything Wamutombo learned in the past ten years. Here's what we're saying: By leveraging Wamutombo's experience, you'll learn totally-sufficient-just-enough knowledge that's useful to your situation -- within freakishly minimal time. (Besides, why learn ____________ if you're not apply it to your business situation?)

The Awesomeness of Experience

Consider the business -- or something else -- you're running right now.

If your business suddenly shut down because the county deemed your face too f-u-g-l-y, and you had to give it up to a loved one -- could you do it...within a month?

"Of course I can!" you excitedly tell yourself. You've learned kabillions of stuff to run your successful business, and you'll transfer that knowledge easily to your loved one.

  • You'll show them where to source products.
  • You'll show them the power of urgency in sales.
  • You'll provide them manuals to build your widgets.
  • You'll provide instructions to hiring required personnel.

You didn't learn all that overnight -- oh-no-you-didn't! You learned it through decades of hard work, persistence, dedication, and mutha-!@^^%^ perseverance. But, you can pass it on -- easily, knowing your business will run efficiently without your face there.

That's the power of experience.

Once you tap that experience, you'll tap years of goodness, supremely hard work, and dedication from Johnny, Leslie, Tomas, Nicole, Wamutombo, and the millions of other astronomically experienced folks. You'll start freakishly accelerating your success.

Mo Experience = Mo Better

At Trizzy, one of our biggest mistakes was trapping ourselves from those who had been there before us -- those who could throw us the ropes. What would've happened? We could've:

  • Gained years of knowledge/experience in minimal time.
  • Built on top of the years of knowledge we just gained.
  • Moved 9048138591341290 meters faster.

We learned the hard way; it took us years. It'll take you seconds. If you if you want to: ____________________, first:

Seek experienced peeps.


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Posted on April 03

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