How to Boost Confidence Immediately

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Scenario: "Dude, I'm so out of it. I cannot go on. I'm going to give up. Ahh!"

Imagine chubby Teddy running the marathon.

  1. He's 10 miles from the finish line.
  2. He feels tired, depressed, crazed, and alone.
  3. No one cheers for him. Instead, they point.
  4. "I want to quit!" he screams silently. "How can I possibly continue?!"

Now, if:

  1. You're his coach.
  2. You're deaf.
  3. (i.e. You can't speak to him.)

How would you boost his confidence to continue running?

  1. Give him a thumbs up.
  2. Send him a note: "Be your biggest cheerleader, playa."

Did ya answer (b)? If so, yay for your behind. When you're down-and-out, and lack that mutha-!@^^%^ confidence to continue building your business, just use this deliciously sexy tip that always (always!) come in handy for us: Become your biggest cheerleader. It's simple, useful, and non-trendy. Here's how.

How to Become Your Biggest Cheerleader

You know that voice inside of you when you're lacking motivation?

  • That thing's telling you: " suck."

Now, you probably don't realize this -- but that inner-voice has the same effect on you as an overbearing teacher, a crazy boss, or Lindsay Lohan. That inner-voice is like another person -- albeit: super-negative -- living inside of you, draining your motivation like crrraaazzzy. The solution when you're down-and-out and need a quick confidence booster?

  1. First to that hater inside of you: Knock him the !@^^ out.
  2. Now imagine a team of 20 cheesy cheerleaders all-around-you, cheering you.
  3. Act accordingly.

(Note: Cheerleaders can be anybody -- e.g. random fans, parents, family, best buddies, actual cheerleaders, etc.) What happens? Subconsciously, your mind starts hearing your very-own-personal team of cheerleaders chanting:

  • "Let's go Billy. Let's go!"
  • "Yeah, you can do it, Billy! We know you can!"
  • "B-i-l-l-y. What does that spell? Billy!"
  • "Hey you! Yeah you! We believe in you!"
  • "You can do this, Billy, you mutha-!@^^%^ badass who eats meatloaf for breakfast. Yeah you!"

With positive-thinking from all dimensions, your mind starts boosting your confidence immediately. That's according to a study by Harvard University's Bacca Levy; when you surround yourself with positive associations, you start kicking-ass-and-taking-names. You team of cheerleaders: one of sweetest tools in your arsenal you'll ever have. We promise.

"Where my cheerleaders at?!"


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Posted on March 23

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