Why Flaunt Your Testimonials

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Scenario: "Dude, testimonials clutter our message. No testimonials. Yay. High-five!" Oh, but you'd be losing sales in bunches if you're hiding those testimonials. Why? Testimonials psychologically increase Johnny Beebob's chances of buying from you - by tapping the - herd effect': "So many people buy from you; that must mean you're good. So, you've automatically boosted my chances of buying from you, too." (Yes, that sucka goes through a person's subconscious when they see testimonials. Troof.)

What Influences Us

Peep this -- What initially influenced you to buy your last:

  • Car?
  • Movie ticket?
  • Business book?
  • Watch?

For the ridiculous majority of us: Somebody else. That could've been:

  • A colleague.
  • Our friends.
  • Reviewers on Amazon.com.
  • Bestselling lists.
  • Positive reviews from movie critics.
  • Yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda, oh yadda.

It's a psychological phenomenon that most kick-booty marketers know, use, and overwhelmingly embrace: In our fabulously-awesome world of democracy, the power of the people has the most power in influencing what we buy.

If you haven't used the power of the people in marketing your company:

You're losing sales. Lots of - em.

Why People Buy What Other People Buy

When people don't have sufficient information to make a super-wise decision (and: the masses almost always don't have that info), they'll base their decisions on what other people do. That's according to our main man, Psychologist Robert Cialdini of Arizona State University. For instance:

  • If Sally Fro's professors all shout a political ideology, she'll likely shout it too.
  • If Craigy Willy attends a big football school, he'll likely become a football fanatic too.

And in the business sense:

  • If voracious reader Timmy Toothboy discovers a new bestseller, he'll likely buy it.
  • If Pinky Blue's friends all have MacBooks, she'll likely purchase it.

People subconsciously think: "If everybody around me is doing it, it must be the ideal decision. So, I'll do the same thing!" That's why you see:

  • Segments of idealistic rebels.
  • Segments hating big business.
  • Segments with the Mary Jane.
  • Segments loving Britney Spears.

"If others feel the same way, it must be the ideal way!"

So, if you're trying to sell to those completely unaware of your brand: Stick those testimonials into your marketing materials - to show potential customers that: "Yes, other people buy from us. They love the experience. You'll feel the same way." (Provided, of course: You actually do kick butt in your customer service.)

How to Gather Those Testimonials

(1) After every transaction or (2) when talking to a past customer, ask for delicious feedback. Now, you could do that one of two ways by asking:

  1. "Can you describe your customer experience?"
  2. "Can you provide us a testimonial?"

Why Prefer Asking ^1

It's objective. Instead of potentially getting testimonials filled with superlatives that make people more cautious of them; e.g.: "OMGOSH! This company is SO GOOD, that I sometimes wet my pants! Oh-YAY!" You get objective feedback about your service - which unconsciously influences Johnny Beebob much more to buy from you. Now:

  • If you're good: You have nothing to worry.
  • And, if you suck: That just means you have to improve your service for next time to get those testimonials you're seeking.

(As always, remember: Strong mutha-!@^^%^ ethics build long-term businesses.) So, start embracing your fabulous testimonials. Flaunt it. Love it. You'll boost sales. We promise.

Embrace testimonials like the sexy-^^!@^^! that they are.


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Posted on March 22

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