Why Fun Matters

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Scenario: "Dude, we have to be serious all-the-freakin'-time! If you're having fun, you're not trying hard enough! Yay!" Ask yourself: What emotion makes people most productive to rock the world?

  • a) "Oh-my-mutha-!@^^%^-FUN!"
  • b) "So-so."
  • c) "Blah."

Most businesses operate using the last two emotions. But, if you answered (a) -- and your business breeds that emotion all-day-every-day -- yay for your badass! Woohoo! Congratulate yo-self. When you're having fun, you're producing viciously-productively-ass-kicking work that the world passionately loves.

How The World Feels About Your Business

To understand how customers/prospects perceive you, simply answer:

"How much fun am I having with my business, right now?"

  • If you're feeling blah, customers find your offerings = "Boring!"
  • If your product's destroying your morale, customers find your shizzle = "Depressing!"
  • If you lack passion for your products, your clients find them = "Dull!"

But...but...but.... If you're having the time of your life, you're loving your work, and your people can't wait for Mondays, then you're attracting the souls of your customers.

How Fun Affects Your Performance

Think of something that you didn't like -- at all.

What happened? You felt:

  • demotivated.
  • groggy.
  • you wanted to shoot yourself.

In turn, your performance/productivity/creativity sucked -- bad. In the time it took super-gung-ho Jimmy 5 seconds to complete some associated task, it took you an hour. "Another minute of this thing? Ahh!" you told yourself.

Compare that feeling with something you loved doing.

What happened?

  • Your performance rocked.
  • You loved every second of it.
  • You felt nobody could hold a candle to you.
  • You stuck with it when you hit bumps, persevering through it like a mofo.
  • You had much longer stamina.

Having fun with something psychologically pulls you into a zone, driving you to rock like nobody's watching. Your high-energy booty starts to knock in runs like it ain't nobody's business. How does that affect your customers? Oh, we'll tell ya.

How Fun Attracts Your Customers

For a second, think: What do your top three companies -- that you absolutely love -- have in common? Probably, comprising people who:

  • Love their work.
  • Love their people.
  • Love their customers.
  • Love life.

Fun has that sexy infectious, electrostatic effect to it -- and it sharply pulls in customers to your business. You start generating:

  1. Super loyal customers.
  2. Awesome referrals.
  3. And, the nice side effect: Ka-ching!

"So, what can I do if I'm not having fun?"

If you're not having fun with your business, use that as a sign: "Something's wrong." You know you'll need to fix it if you want to rock the world with your business. So what do you do? Start asking yourself questions on why you're not having fun. For instance:

  • "What's destroying my soul?" Delegate/trash it.
  • "What makes me tick?" Incorporate it.
  • "What do I put off?" Delegate/trash it.
  • "What makes me love life?" Incorporate it.

Yup, all that lovey-dovey stuff will make you shine higher than a juiced-up eagle running from the PoPo. Once you can transform the "Blah!" feeling to the "Frickin'-good!" feeling, you're prepping your business to rock the world like it ain't no thang but a chicken wing on a string.

Fun = Sexy sauce to rock the world.


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Posted on March 05

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