How to Survive Anything

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Scenario: "Dude, we suck. We = give up. Ahh!" Look you anemic, weak, feeble, but kind-hearted baboon: You know what made survivors of Hurricane Katrina, the Indian Ocean tsunami, and the Irish Potato famine become resilient in the cruel face of adversity?

  • a. Ignorance.
  • b. Optimism.
  • c. Hope.

Did-ya answer (c) hope? Ding! Ding! Mutha Ding! You're right, and a badass. Those who saw that beautifully magnificent bright-shining light at the end of the tunnel had a much greater chance at survival. If you're hopeful of some big-awesome success for your business (or your fabulous life), you're automatically boosting your chances of achieving it.

Why Ignorance Sucks

Yeah, you tell yourself: "I'm never ignorant." But, sometimes -- we all are. And, we respond to certain situations with bias/ignorance that destroys us in the long-run. Take pop-star wannabe Popo -- a typical American Idol contestant:

  1. Popo: "I am better than Clay Aiken. Yay!"
  2. American Idol judges: "Dude, you really suck."
  3. Popo: " I am good. Show some respect to my abilities."
  4. American Idol judges: "Please leave."
  5. Popo: "I will continue shining the world with my music!"

Ignorance traps you into thinking you're Superman. "No man, woman, or child can touch me," you tell yourself. Before you know it, the world's slowly-but-surely crushing your dreams into oblivion.

Why Optimism Sucks

Self-help business "experts" tell you to be optimistic. Sure, you gotta to be optimistic about your success -- but at the same time, too much optimism blinds you to the realities of your situation. Ignorant Popo above was optimistic about being the world's greatest pop star -- but, he ignored how horrible of a singer he really was. Take another case: 18-year old, 5-foot-5, 130-pound high school linebacker, Butch.

  1. Butch wants to make it into the NFL.
  2. He's optimistic about the success, the money, the bling that an NFL contract brings.
  3. "I will make it to the NFL someday," he exclaims.
  4. "The haters will bow at my feet!" he screams.

Butch, being the optimistic person that he is, ignores the realities of NFL linebackers: They're 6-2, 240-pound muscular beasts. He's a scrawny toothpick. They'll eat him and his mama. He could be optimistic all he wants, but the odds are viciously stacked against him. Likely, he'll never achieve his dream of playing in the NFL.

Why Hope Rocks

We prefer the term, 'Sexy Hope.' Inspired by Jim Collins's Stockdale Paradox, sexy hope means to: Keep hope alive + Be real with the situation. For instance, think of a maze:

  1. You're hopeful that you'll get out.
  2. At the same time, you're confronting the barriers you have to overcome to get out.

Or, a business scenario:

  1. You're hopeful that you'll build a multi-million dollar business.
  2. At the same time, you know you have to hire sales experience.

For Butch above, we impart on him our wisdom for his superficial wants:

"Butch, you ultimately want 'success, money, and bling.' Keep that hope burning alive. At the same time, don't think the NFL is your only route to get there. Seek other means, son."

Survivors of disasters cling onto hope like it's the last mutha-@^%^ pieces of bread on the planet; simultaneously: they confront what they have to do to survive. The awesome shizzle about sexy hope? It drives you to do anything and everything to achieve what you're seeking.

Hope + Be Real = Ingredients to Overcome Anything and its Mama.


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Posted on February 08

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