How to Save Money on Doctor Bills

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Scenario: "Dude, to save money on doctor visits, we'll bargain the mofo out of our doctor bills. We'll save a bunch! Yay!" Or, you could just do the check-up yourself -- and not spend a dime. (And no, we're not advocating the crazy practice of never going to your doctor. If you can afford it, please go.) If you're a fresh entrepreneur, chances are you don't have a wad of cash to afford a good health plan. So during these rough initial stages, you're "just getting by" until you can afford the sucker. Guess what? You don't have to "just get by." Why?

You're better at diagnosing yourself than any doctor ever can.

It's like running a business: you know everything about it that no outside business consultant will ever know; so, you have a much better intuition to steer your company in the right path. It's the same way with evaluating your health. Says health psychologist Katie Gilbert: "We monitor our ups and downs and symptoms 24/7 -- a perspective no doctor has access to."

"So how do I diagnose myself?"

Just complete this very simple test by circling the best answer: I feel: (a) healthy | (b) unhealthy "What the ^@!$?," your badass is saying. Don't trip; here's why: According to the International Behavioral Medicine:
People who considered themselves healthy: had wider fluctuations in their levels of the stress-fighting hormone cortisol: low levels most of the time, with big spikes during tense situations. People who felt unhealthy: had high levels of cortisol all the time -- a symptom of chronic stress, which is linked to cardiovascular disease, among many other problems. People with good coping skills or strong social support perceived themselves to be in better health -- and they were. Conclusion: The way a person handles life's inevitable strains is a big part of how he judges his well-being.
According to Gilbert: "Decades of studies show that people who say their health is poor are likely to die sooner than those who rate their health excellent, even after controlling for how sick people actually are."

"If I don't have a doctor, and I feel unhealthy: How do I fix that?"

Sure, you could bargain with a doctor. But if cash is unbelievably tight, just do what we always do: Whether you have insomnia, back problems, headaches, allergies, or a myriad of other problems keeps you unhealthy -- and prevents you from building your kickass business, WebMD's a godsend. Whether you're visiting a doctor, or just getting by without one -- remember to keep this sucka in mind:

"I'm my best doctor."

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Posted on October 22

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