Why Your Business Needs Small Wins

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Scenario: "Dude! We're going to kick ass in our customer service scores, advertising material, and recruiting talent by tomorrow. Those suck now, so we'll overhaul them within 24 hours. Completely. Then we'll watch the money roll into our pockets. Yay! Yay!"

It's the "Blah" mindset.

It's the mindset of the so-called "business star" -- who seeks dozens of highly ambitious goals, overnight. Instead of seeking small and consistent wins that lead to that big victory, he takes the "let's-shoot-bullets-everywhere-everyday, and-see-where-it-takes-us" shenanigan. Unknown to the business star, achieving overnight successes without small wins in-between never happens.

  • Amazon needed years before it became profitable.
  • The typical household never recognized HP until decades later.
  • Sam Walton needed 7 years before people took notice.
  • (Enter any Fortune 500 or Inc 500 here.)

Between that time, those badasses went for small victories to construct that big-ass victory.

Seeking a home run?

Those major successes that you seek -- whether it's a stream of new business sales, kicking butt on your customer service, or recruiting major talent -- require a stream of successive, consistent, and small wins to ultimately build that masterpiece. Instead of hitting home runs, go for singles. Instead of throwing Hail Marys, go for first downs. Tiny victories drive you toward that major success.

Seeking nothing but homers sucks.

Swinging only for the fences kills your business in two ways:

  1. It'll demotivate you and your team like a mutha flucka after a stream of failures.
  2. It'll waste your time from building small victories to get that big-ass one you're seeking.

"Okay, so what do I do now?"

Our three-step-let's-rock plan:

  1. Choose your super-tremendous-ambitious goal.
  2. Choose your end date. (& Stick to it like white on rice.)
  3. Break down the in-between time into small milestones.

The last one is the jewel that will guide your every day. At Trizzy, we like to count the number of victories we achieve daily. That drives us to complete small wins quickly, and consistently. So when you're out kicking butt today, remember:

Small and consistent victories kick ass.


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Posted on August 30

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