What separates Google from other companies?

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Tha Scenario: Wait...we're not there yet. It needs to be "perfect" before we do something. Indecision kills companies, and those from starting businesses.

"Why do most 'soon-to-be-entrepreneurs' suck?"

If you've been around the self-described "The Next Great Billionaire", you've noticed one common suckiness to them: They talk their butts off. Whether it's the "confidential" ideas they've been hawking the last 5 years, or how they'll smoke multi-billion-dollar companies, or why Dell and IBM sucks compared to their awesome-ness, or why they can do it so much more than what the world offers, the talkers can enlighten a room -- but they suck at providing the world value due to their indecisiveness. In the meantime, Google, Yahoo, IBM, Dell, and the actual next billionaires are all executing decisions.

What Separates Google from the Rest

Just that: Executing sweet decisions. "What's our next product? Who's our next hire? Where's our annual training? When's our conference?" Fortune 500 companies grew because they fattened the number of executed decisions, consistently. For instance, a typical small start-up can copy Dell's early business model; what then separates the typical start-up from the Texas-based behemoth? Simple: Dell's early ability to execute decisions. It's the one secret sauce that the super-duper powers use. And it's an easy mindset your company can adopt.

It's in the study.

Says Harvard's Ram Chiran:

Studies of successful companies often focus on their products, business models, or operational strengths: Microsoft's world-conquering Windows operating system, Dell's mass customization, Walmart's logistical prowess. Yet products and operational strengths aren't what really set the most successful organizations apart -- they can all be rented or imitated. What can't be easily duplicated are the decisive dialogues and robust operating mechanisms and their links to feedback and follow-through.

"What do I do?"

Start by counting the number of executed decisions you make per week. Then, start improving on that number consistently. For "The Next Great Billionaire":

"Shut up, and do something."

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Posted on August 15

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