Why Most "Technology" Companies Suck

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It's a big week for the tech community: Google, Intel, Yahoo, Microsoft, Ebay, Apple, and IBM will report earnings this week. Yet, among the thousands of tech startups started in the last decade, only three have major influences on Wall Street. The reason? Most "technology" companies suck.

"But aren't you a technology company?"

Yeah, we admit it: most people consider us a "technology" company. Yeah, we focus on building sweet business web software; we're into the Web 2.0 buzz, the AJAX goodies, Ruby on Rails's simplicity, validating CSS/XHTML, using curvy corners, and doing whatever else the tech community loves.


We think we're far from a technology company. (At least, we hope so.) For instance, Trizoko -- our journal -- rarely focuses on technology. We want it that way. Here's what most "technology" companies forget:
  1. Technology sucks. (Yeah, we said it.)

    To paraphrase one stance of the "gun control" argument: Technology doesn't improve customers; customers improve customers. Technology for technology's sake kills your company. Technology can't create your company's earnings. It can only improve whatever you're doing without technology.
  2. Customers don't buy technology.

    AJAX. Ruby on Rails. MySQL. Blah, blah, blah. Blah. Our clients couldn't care less. Just try to "wow" them with it. You won't. And, that brings us to...
  3. Customers buy solutions.

  4. If your technology providers wants to improve, make sure they understand this: People don't buy plane tickets; they buy transportation. People don't purchase lamps; they purchase light. People don't buy iPods; they buy music (w/ style). People don't buy technology; they buy efficiency, quicker sale cycles, marketing exposure, etc. Most tech companies forget what business they're really in.
Ironically, Google, Yahoo, eBay, and even recent up-and-comer MySpace rarely focus on technology. Most are notorious for not having valid CSS/XHTML code, curvy corners, or AJAX on every page.

"You mean you're telling me eBay doesn't have a TAGGING feature?! They're Web 1.0, dude!"

If you're selecting a technology company among your various offers (now or in the future), here's our best advice: choose the one who most understands the solutions to your problems -- not the latest tech buzz words. Technology for technology's sake burns your resources. Use caution when dealing with a technology company.

Most suck.

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Posted on July 17

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