How to Find Superstar Employees (on the Cheap)

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Forget the veteran. Forget the Harvard MBA. Forget the McKinsey consultant. They're too expensive. Worse, more than enough feel entitled to everything: The perks. The posh hotels. The exorbitant bonuses. The first-class treatment.

Instead, look for potential.

Hungry college students, humble workhorses, the best curb painters in the neighborhoods, and the most-detailed landscaper in town. They seek greatness in everything they touch -- not perks.

We affectionately call them Poperstars.

Yeah, it's another cheesy way of saying: Potential Superstar. If there's one major thing we learned since we started Trizzy, it's this: the veteran-employee can't hold a candle to a Poperstar.

Why Poperstars?

You can't teach values. You can't teach determination. You can't teach intelligence. You can't teach persistence. You can't teach humility. However, you can teach skills. And folks, that's where you'll guide your Poperstar to a Superstar (corny-ness intended). Poperstars are cheap, but amazing workhorses because:
  1. They lack experience.

    Experience is overrated. Experience can't complement the values of you and your business. Most importantly, experience is expensive.
  2. They're humble.

    Entitlement sucks the living crap out of an individual. Just imagine a multi-billion-dollar-trust-fund-party-kid who gets a Porsche for breathing in front of Daddy. That's an extreme, yes; but it paints a pretty good picture of the so-called executives we met some time ago.
  3. Excellence motivates them. Not money.

    Here's the most important part. Yeah, money's important; but it's like water: it's not the point of life. Poperstars understand that. Instead of being motivated by money, they're motivated by seeking greatness in whatever they do.
Apple, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, or [insert any major Fortune 500 superstar here] didn't rise to stardom by million-dollar executives. Instead, they first caught the Poperstar virus. Word.

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Posted on July 16

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