What Should You <em>Really</em> be Doing?

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Most of us ignore our inherent talents. Instead of employing our strengths, we use our weaknesses to move mountains -- or try to. Eventually, we figure we suck -- yet, because motivational gurus tell us to never give up, we persist. Blah.

Give up, already!

And we mean that in the nicest way, possible. If you're doing something that takes your blood, sweat, and tears -- and you still suck -- you're probably more suited to do something else. "Don't give up" -- and most motivational "gurus" apparently don't know this -- really means don't give up on success. Most of us could never play in the NBA, even if we persisted like maniacs. Here's the key to the "Don't give up" concept: Don't give up on success, but be prepared to change directions to get there.

The Cheesiest Example in the World

You're trying to reach New York (sucess point) from San Francisco (starting point) in two weeks on $100. You try your hardest to get plane tickets. It appears you can't. You research Amtrak route rates; no success. Tour buses; no cigar. Then you try Craigslist; it works! The moral? Find different ways to succeed using what you have.

Do What Jewel & Jordan Did

Folk singer Jewel tried Pop once; she bombed, and reverted back to the style where she excelled. Jordan played baseball wearing the "45"; his minor league batting average couldn't hold a candle to the average pro player's, and he fortunately went back to the NBA (winning another 3 championships). Those two understood where they sucked; instead of persisting in their "failures," they embraced their strengths.

"So, how do I know what I should do?"

Says legendary management guru Peter Drucker:
What should my contribution be? To answer it, [you] must address three distinct elements: What does the situation require? Given my strengths, my way of performing, and my values, how can I make the greatest contribution to what needs to be done? And finally, What results have to be achieved to make a difference?
You've been Drucker'd! (Sorry. We had to throw that sucker in.) In other words, focus on what you do naturally.

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Posted on July 12

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