Is Perfectionism Good for Your Business?

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When we started Trizzy, we wanted everything to be perfect. Perfect offices. Perfect people. Perfect processes. Perfect services. Perfect business bling. As it turns out, having that perfectionist attitude led us toward the inevitable: procrastination. When you're trying to perfect everything, your mind stalls you from doing anything. It's as if you're waiting for the "perfect time" to do your perfect thing.

Perfectionism Sucks

We grasped the flaws of the "perfectionist" attitude. We saw perfection as impossible to attain; instead, we saw perfection as a guiding star for us to reach. (Deep and cheesy, eh?) We saw faults and flaws as good things. Embracing imperfection rocks. It helps you start things quicker, knowing that you'll be okay if you hit bumps along the road. Those bumps help you steer toward the right direction; in other words, you want those bumps to use as guiding posts. Says David Peck of Leadership Unleashed:

Surprisingly, many who describe themselves as perfectionists find themselves procrastinating, sometimes on important projects or to-do list items. That's because when we set a standard of perfection for ourselves or others, the result can often be demotivating. Normally we are motivated by the prospect of meeting or exceeding our goals, and since meeting a standard of perfection is unlikely at best, it causes many people to stop trying altogether.

"What if I want to build the most kick-ass business?"

Amazingly enough, you can build a kick-ass business only if you embrace imperfection as the vital ingredient to your success.

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Posted on July 09

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