The Future of Commerce, and Why You Should Celebrate

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Back in old times, commerce went like this: there was a central hub where every man, woman, and child who had something to sell went to this place. It acted as the only shopping mall to the entire commerce world. Need a sock? Let's go to General Mall. Need to get a copy of the latest Oliver Thatcher book? Let's head over to General Mall.

Soon, the Downfall

As towns began to form, the central marketplace withered, and commerce started to decentralize. Soon, communities started to form their own shopping malls. Then, business owners began to start their unique-standalone-let's-not-be-associated-get-off-of-me stores. General Mall soon became obsolete.

Or So We Thought

A research statistic, just released by Google, found 20 of Europe's biggest retailers hated their online business results. You, like me, at one time or another could relate to the ineffectiveness of online commerce. Either you're a big shark, or you're just making enough to cover your web hosting costs.

It Will Be Okay

Luckily, to the small businesses of the world: let's rejoice. Feeds, blogs, and other Web 2.0 technology is making it easier to compete with the big sharks. Case in point: Google Base. The Mountain View company is trying to fix this problem by giving every man, woman, and child the opportunity to show their wares to a kajillions of people from one central hub. How will central hubs, like Google Base, help your standalone site? Your site will -- if it hasn't done so already -- adopt a feed system. With a feed, every time you post a ware (a.k.a. a post), you'll notify the central hub. That hub will then list your ware, and place it in front of kajillions.

My Prediction

This is what I predict: You'll soon see commerce begin to re-centralize itself. We'll finally come full-circle. The business world will finally see the light: you can't compete on your own online; you'll need a central hub to show your wares. The small guys will be okay. It's March 24th, 7:34 a.m, Friday Morning. If I'm not right about commerce coming full circle, come back to me.

You'll have a crisp $100.00 check mailed to your door.

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Posted on March 24

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