SEO Keywords

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SEO keywords (i.e. keywords you use in your webpages) determine how high you rank in search engines. Your website may be good, but if it doesn't have a keyword-filled theme to the page, it won't generate a lot of traffic. (Remember, search engines are the best way to bring traffic to your site. It's good marketing to focus on SEs.) To build a page that's friendly to search engines, fill the keyword in your pages with a density between 5-10%. Remember, you're not only building a search-engine-friendly page, but also a user-friendly experience as well. So, make sure your SEO keywords flow well, and if possible, is complemented with other similar keywords that describe the page fully and properly.

Finding SEO Keywords

How do you know which SEO keywords to use? Simply use the set words or phrases that your targeted customer might use in a search engine. Research your industry and your targeted customer. Find out what language and technical words your target customer might use. You can also search for complementary keywords to your site's theme through Google's keyword tool: Another good way to find good SEO keywords to your site is to find out how visitors are coming to your site. You'll want to know what phrases or words they're using to find your pages through search engines. You can do this by using server and statistic logs available on most web hosting servers. Find out what keywords surfers are using to get to your site -- then build pages based off those keywords. Once you have a good set of SEO keywords to use, you can begin building pages around these keywords. Once you achieve this, you'll find customers coming to you through mega search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Jeeves for quite a long time.

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Posted on February 18

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