Make Your Marketing Item Unique

Want to improve your marketing item? First, think of a car commercial. Immediately, what comes to mind? For most people, it's just another car model roaming a road somewhere in the desert. Tell us again, what company does this? That's right; we can't name just one, ourselves. Marketing for the American car industry sucks. It has an affinity for creating campaigns that seem ridiculously identical -- campaigns that nobody ever remembers. Never mind that your competitor is doing the exact same thing. Never mind that research tells you sameness never, ever, works. Because you've been doing the same commercial all along, it must be okay to film a car roaming the desert -- right? Probably not. That's why GM and Ford are junk stocks. It seems impossible to distinguish those companies from all of the same, lame, messages that they send. Chant with us: Marketing never works if your viewers can't recall your commercials. Repeat. (Now, we're not saying the marketing item itself doomed these companies. We're just highlighting the consistently inept business decisions that leaders of these companies make.) To understand effective marketing, take a look at Apple. It's unique, fresh, and elicits emotions the company wants to bring out in people. If you take out the Apple symbol on Apple laptops, would you still immediately know whose product it is? Probably. That's the magic of effective marketing. Be different. Stand out. Go against status quo. Your bottom line will thank you. Fo Shizzle My Bizo Take out your marketing items, such as an ad. Remove your company name and logo from it. With this, can people recall with certainty this ad belongs to you? If it can't, it's time to unleash a brand makeover.

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Posted on February 18

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