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Most people understand marketing, but never have a marketing program in place to measure its effectiveness. You'll learn that as you get further along your business, quantifying results is essential to your success. If you don't know the numbers game, you'll have no way of seeing how you can improve your business. You'll need numbers to to modify existing programs and eliminate things that don't work. Take a look at this analogy to understand why having a marketing program is important. If you were coaching a basketball team, and you wanted to improve your team, you'd have to look at your team's stats, wouldn't you? You will have to look at the stats of each player, such as their shooting percentage, their assists, their points per 48 minutes. Just putting in any five random players on your team wouldn't make your team the most effective. You'll have to know how each is precisely contributing to get the most out of your team. It's the same way with approaching your marketing strategy. Without being able to look at the statistics of your marketing techniques, you wouldn't be able to get the most out of your company. How do you develop a marketing program? As customers respond to a form you have for them, ask them where they found your business. It's a simply question that they'll be sure to answer for you. If you have a website, ask the question on your web form. The responses you'll get will be essential to looking at the effectiveness of your ROI on your different marketing techniques. Another method starts by looking at Jay Conrad Levinson's 100 marketing weapons. Pick one of his weapon for a month. Now, for only the next month, use it. Then quantify the results. How much more revenues are you bringing in? The next month in your marketing program, you'll begin with another weapon. Remember, all businesses aren't built the same, and it takes the ability to test and experiment a variety of weapons to make sure you're doing your best to find out the best marketing technique for your business.

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Posted on February 18

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