Marketing Your Business: The Blueprint

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The worst small business marketing advice we ever received when we started our own companies? Find a USP, otherwise known as a "unique selling proposition," and watch the money roll in. Well, it never did. This could probably work for the bigger, more established, companies, but not for us little guys. What's the main key to great marketing then? Build relationships.

Think Long-Term

Start a strong relationship with your first customer, and then see it grow from there through word of mouth. For small businesses, this type of patience is key. You probably won't have a big advertising budget, a marketing partner, and a sales team to help you; so don't bother with conventional methods that you hear. True, you could advertise and get a customer transaction, but when you build relationships, you get a customer for life. Use this guide to market your business quickly, efficiently, and effectively.
  • Relationship Marketing: Marketing begins with building relationships. Cater to the Believers: Love the evangelists, and they'll do many great things for you.
  • Marketing Strategy: Learn the basics of marketing correctly. Market to Yourself: Use this unconventional approach.
  • Unique Selling Proposition: Learn why having one will not make you successful.
  • Marketing Program: It's useless without doing this. Make your marketing unique: Be different in an unoriginal world.
  • Use guerilla marketing tactics: These simple, effective, and affordable small business marketing tools level the playing field with your larger competitors.
  • Employ viral marketing: Learn how you can use the same tools that made Hotmail and Google a household name.
  • Be Remarkable: Stand out from the boring business industry marketing world.
  • Marketing Technology Solutions: How to use technology the right way. Market online the right way: It's not as easy as putting all of your company's information, and wait for customers. You'll need proven techniques to make your web site a key marketing tool for your small business.
  • Sell your goods online: You'll have a new, global audience when you use the tips in this section to provide your products and services online.
  • Sales Training: You'll learn the best lesson in 1 minute. Find quality leads: You'll learn various techniques to find the correct customers in this section.
  • 10 Tips to Increase Sales: Quick advice to improve your small business marketing.
We encourage you to use the concept of relationships as the basis for all of your marketing activities, as you read through the small business marketing guide.

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Posted on February 18

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