Successful Web Site Marketing

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Most web designers can build an eye-catching site; but if you ask them to produce successful web site marketing, they wouldn't have a clue. That's because it takes more than using spiffy graphics to build a popular website on the internet. (There, we just saved you $5000 in resources.) Then, what's the key ingredient to successful web site marketing? Build content. Lots of them. Search engines love content, and will rank content-oriented pages ahead of commercial sites (i.e. your competitors). Build lots of content, get lots of traffic. That's the foundation. It's that simple.

Then, Build Upon the Foundation

Atop of that foundation, build pages that you can win in the search engine game. You probably couldn't win the keyword "bookstore" when you're starting. The supply of that keyword severely outpaces the demand. You wouldn't want a general term like that anyway. The more effective approach would be to focus your pages on more narrowed niches (e.g. Atlanta bookstore, business books) that you can win. Remember: if your page is not within the first three pages in a search engine for a particular keyword, it doesn't exist in the customers' eyes. How do you find a narrowed niche where you possibly have a chance of winning? Head over to to begin your campaign. Type in a few keywords you have in mind that relate to the theme of your site. The lower the ratio (i.e. usually under ten), the better your chances at ranking well. Go ahead and build a page with that keyword as the focus. Of course, that's just a rough framework to use. When in doubt, always use your best judgment.

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Posted on February 18

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