A Guide to Personal Development Growth

If you read this section carefully, this guide to personal development growth gives you all the tools you will need to build a great business, and live a great life. This guide is a culmination of everything we've learned from gurus such as Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, other fabulous thinkers, and our own insights through the years. Among the ideas include:

Understand the purpose of your life.

You have a special ability that you were born to do, you're absolutely passionate about it, and you can contribute it to the world. Once you find out what this is, you'll understand your life's purpose.

Know what you want.

Without having a clear destination, you'll drift in and out of happiness. You'll be vulnerable to depression and failure. Be absolutely clear with what you want when your life is done. Imagine that you already have it. Attach a powerful, burning emotion.

Enjoy the destination.

As important as having a destination, it is equally important that you enjoy the ride there. You'll be as happy as you will when you get there.

School will not build you a great life.

The most influential business leaders, politicians, scientists, and philanthropists did not rely on formal education, but through their self-initiative.

Fail and fail some more. It will build you.

Most people are afraid of failure, but subconsciously, it makes you stronger if you persist through it. This is why you never hear of influential academic valedictorians and perfectionists; at the hint of failure, most run for the exits.

Fight until you get there.

You don't want to be the man that quits three feet from the gold. You may suffer from temporary defeat, but this is what distinguishes successful ones from non-successful ones: they stand by their goal and keep on fighting. Persistence, for one, is something you must learn to develop. In business, you will be confronted with several barriers. How you act around these obstacles will determine if you're a successful entrepreneur. Here are some other personal development growth tips we've learned.

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Posted on February 18

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