Developing the Right Leadership Characteristic

How do you have the right leadership characteristic to lead a small business? You might think the most charismatic small business leaders will be the most successful. Don't believe it. We're sure you've also read somewhere that the best leaders use an iron fist to micro-manage their business. Don't trust that too. We bet you've also been taught the top leaders create the great ideas, and then unite people toward their vision. That's pure garbage. As a basis, all leaders must be able to work well in teams, and contribute through talent, knowledge and skills. Leaders must also organize people and resources to achieve desired results, and unite people toward a common vision. But what separates good leaders who have these qualities from great ones is the following.

Modesty and Determination

The best leaders -- as found by Good to Great author Jim Collins -- have this leadership characteristic: a compelling sense of modesty and fierce resolve to do whatever it takes to get results. They seem quiet and reserved from the outside, but to those who know them, they're intense workhorses who are obsessed about getting results.

Why an Ego Hurts the Company

When leaders have egos, their ambition is first and foremost for themselves -- not their company. They will create a weak management team to rid any potential challengers, and choose weak successors to highlight their abilities. Besides, what better way to stroke your ego when the place falls apart after you leave?

What Great Leaders Have

Yes, great leaders too have ambition, but they channel it to their company -- instead of themselves. When things are going well, these leaders attribute success to their team. They understand that outstanding companies must be well-collaborated. When things go bad, the leader takes responsibility and learns from what he or she could have done to make the situation better.

Results Drive Great Leaders

Great leaders will do whatever possible to make their company great. If that means firing their brothers because of performance issues, so be it. They set strict standards, and expect all to outperform their duties. They will set up their successors for more success, because the company is ultimately the most important.

Can This Leadership Be Learned?

This leadership can be learned if you have the will to shun your personal ego, and direct it toward building an enduring company. I believe the greatest legacy you can leave behind is building a company that will continue its greatness beyond your lifetime. Developing a great leadership characteristic is the goal of this guide. You've just learned the qualities great leaders have; the following links explain what great leaders do.

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Posted on February 18

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