How Business Success Happens

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  1. Say you roll out a marketing plan.
  2. It costs you $1000.
  3. You make $800.

You lose $200.

You tell yourself:

  • "Hey, I suck! I quit!"

Unbeknown to you, someone else decides to start the same business:

  1. Ali rolls out the same marketing plan as you.
  2. She offers the same items at the same prices.
  3. Ali too loses $200 on a $1000 investment.

But unlike you and 98534985934859038539 others who quit too early, she keeps going.

  1. "I'll negotiate with my suppliers to lower the costs by agreeing to buy in bulk."
  2. "I'll also pitch more add-on services to the customers."
  3. "In addition to my basic offering, I'll offer more premium choices to increase margins."

"Every tiny thing improve the chances that my business will succeed," she tells herself.


In the next campaign, things start to get better:

  • "I made $100 on a $1000K investment!"
  • "Not bad!"
  • "I can do even better!"

With the constant mindset to improve, she starts:

  • renegotiating with her suppliers even more
  • purchasing even more items in bulk
  • doing X, Y, and Z more efficiently now that she's smarter about them
  • targeting certain demographics more
  • starting a customer newsletter to keep her customers in touch of her deals


  • "$400 on a $2000K investment."

"BUT WAIT! I can do even better!" she screams.

She continues improving/improving/improving/improving, skyrocketing her business to freeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaakish success.

Leading Fortune 500 companies (e.g. P&G, McDonald's, Google, etc.) don't measure their successes on revolutionary ideas/products/inventions; instead, earnings improvement over previous quarters = WIN.

Keep improving.

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Posted on May 25

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