How to Fight With Bigger Competitors

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Flash back to several centuries ago:

  1. You have an army of 1,000 soldiers.
  2. You have to conquer Country X.

What do you do?

  • Option 1: Surround the entire country and take out all opposing forces ASAP.
  • Option 2: Conquer one of the enemy's weak spots while keeping a concentrated force; gradually move inward with the with heavy personnel force intact.

Option 1 spreads your army too thin; for example, Point A has 10 of your soldiers fighting 100 of their soldiers; 100 solidiers will kick the %$^^$ asses of your 10 swiftly, then move onto your next 10. They'll repeat the cycle until they devastate the rest of your tiny teams of 10.

You suck.

Option 2 keeps your forces concentrated. You use your 1,000 soldiers to conquer an enemy army of 100, then move onto the next 100, then the next 100, then the next 100, UNTIL BAM YOU WON HIGH FIVE.

Facing Larger Business Competitors

Here's what JoBeeDeeMoMo and his two fellow entrepreneurs would do out of the gate:

  • FIGHT GOOGLE HEAD ON!!! Build a freakish search engine and get everybody to switch!
  • FIGHT FACEBOOK IN THE MOTHER FFIN EYE!!! Build a social network and market to everybody!!!!!11
  • KICK THE ASSESESES OF IBM IBM!!!! Big blue will see a BIG BOO BOO!!!11111

Fighting the large competitor head on spreads yourself too thin; they'll overwhelm your thin lines at various fronts.

  • Big Competitor's usability team > Your usability team
  • Big Competitor's server team > Your server team
  • Big Competitor's stats team > Your stats team
  • etc.

You can't fight them upfront, but you can fight them where they're weak (e.g., some niche you know you can conquer).

  • Digg first conquered tech geeks.
  • Amazon first conquered online bookstores.
  • Facebook first conquered Harvard students.

Concentrate your 1,000 (or X number) on a big competitor's weak spots (i.e., their 100, or Y number); obliterate the competition first at Weak Spot X before progressing forward.

Fight where you have an overwhelming advantage.


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Posted on October 29

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